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Image processing box frontier 570


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Hello everyone 

I have sometimes error E 2592 than w 2406  paper jam . The problem is the image processing box because I tried another one and it works fine

 Do you think  the problem is from Gpr23 or SDRAM ???

will you help me to solve this problem 

thanks in advance for your help 

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W-2406 is paper jam error, but this error cased error E-2592 ( exposure time-out ) .

If you have two image boxes then you can test all boards one by one. Only GPR23 is programable. All other boards just enough to change and they should work.

On image box used server RAM modules. Only few models can be used there ( with exact control interface ) . The same RAM are on scanner SP3000 image box. 

RAM should be :
Server 168 Pin ECC Registered SDRAM, 512MB, with 32Mx8 memory chips , 133MHz, CL: 3 , 3.3V
RAM module has 18 memory chips ( 32Mx8 )
RAM module has 3 registers made by Pericom ( company logo - P )
Phase Locked Loop - P16C2510-133  ( any letters at the end ) , or similar from this maker.

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hace 5 horas, fms dijo:

Hola a todos

A veces tengo error E 2592 que w 2406 atasco de papel. El problema es la caja de procesamiento de imágenes porque probé otra y funciona bien

¿Crees que el problema es de Gpr23 o SDRAM ???

¿me ayudarás a resolver este problema?

gracias de antemano por su ayuda

Memoria RAM de escritorio de baja densidad, 512MB PC133 133MHz SDRAM 168pin DIMM, no ECC, envío gratis| Memorias RAM| - AliExpress

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Thank you for your responses

I tried a Ram from sp 3000  and l had the same problem paper jam in the distribution . Now I am using another image box  and all is fine it works  next weekend l’ll test  all boards  one by one  and l will see.

Today i had another problem 

I added a file will you check the print test pleas because most of  all the prints  are showing a blue line

is it the Aom   failed ????


Many thanks for your support 




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