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Network password Fuji sp500 MS01


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sorry I speak very bad English, so I go through translate.
Following the death of my fuji sp2000, I have just bought a second-hand fuji sp500, it is not connected to a direct printer but I scan and put the photos in a folder to recover them on my Noritsu QSS GREEN.
My scanner works very well, I just have a network problem or can't connect my pc to the network...
I tried all the passwords I know from fuji (FRONTEND, FRONTIER)... and nothing happens. I'm completely dry...
My sp 500 (MS01) is running on Windows XP and I'm trying to connect it to my Windows 10 pc... If anyone can help me... thanks in advance for your answers
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You may need to enable SMBv1 in Windows 10 to allow networking with Windows XP.

Ensure the folder you want to access to is shared with "everyone" with full read and write permission.

If it still won't connect, set up an additional account on the Windows XP computer with the same username and password as the Windows 10 computer you are trying to access the Windows XP computer from. (You don't need to logon to the newly created account)

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