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Fuji SP3000 - MFC10AY - Auto Focus Failed


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using the manual carrier - MFC10AY - the auto focus system won't work each time I try to scan a 120mm roll. 

Performing the settings under 03 Scanner Adjustment/Maintenance [0321] Focus Position Adjustment: I get the error message W-4412. And under 03 Scanner Adjustment/Maintenance [0347] Focus Calibration: I get the error message W-4832. Checking the manual under W-4412 it seems the problem is related to the carrier; checking the manual under W-4832 it seems that data is damaged it the carrier and that I should replace the CYA23 circuit board - which I assume is in the carrier. 

Can anyone help troubleshooting this? 

I have just purchased the Frontier and I am learning to use it - so I don't understand if it's really a hardware problem, or if I am missing something it setting the scanner. I don't have any problem using the other carrier - the NC 100AY - so I guess the issue is in the MFC10AY.

Thanks in advance for the support.


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Probably  on your film scanner never used MFC10AY and it is not registered. You need to make optical magnification calibration (0346) and focus calibration (0347 menu) . To do these tesrts you need special adjustment chart ( 899C21562A0 ) . It is expensive and hard to find. Ask Fuji engineer who has this adjustment chart.

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Insert manual film carrier with callibration mask. On pre operation menu make light source callibration.

Insert 6 x 6 mask. Go to service menu. Make 0321 ( focus adjustment ) and 0420 ( mask position adjustment ) .

Go to input check and make sure, that mask is detected correctly ( mask pin code ) .

If you will see W-4805 W-4806 errors then you need to make optical magnification calibration (0346) and focus calibration (0347 menu) . To do these tests need special adjustment chart ( Fuji part number 899C21562A0 ) .

If see W-4412 then can be 
Error occurs by specificframe or film - low contrast, heavily curled films, excessively thin or thick mounts, carrier (situation is changed by
carriers or masks) .
Carrier not seated on carrier base correctly - mask not seated correctly, faulty carrier pressure system, scanner (frequent cavses)
Abnormal focus position adjustment value
Loss of synchronization of lens, or conjugate length motor

W-4832 you see, because inserted wrong carrier. On 0347 menu should be inserted adjustment chart.


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Hi, thanks for all the information.

The technician from Fujifilm came and found out that the carrier was failing in recognising the calibration mask (and some other medium format ones) - one sensor on the carrier was not properly working and needs to me pushed down by a piece of scotch (the pressure of the masks is not enough to trigger the sensor).
I am writing this for those that may have the same problem - maybe this can help someone.

Using the piece of scotch to press on the pin/sensor is enough to make the carrier working.



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