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Fujifilm DL600 Minilab Error I-1303


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Okay so I have a problem... we use darkroom core to run this printer which has nothing to do with this error code that pops up. We used to use the dl430 with Fuji software AND NEVER HAD THIS ERROR CODE EVER COME UP. I state this because printing 24x8 panorama's is a big portion of our business for high school and 8th grade group photos. Well my problem is this error keeps popping up EVERY SINGLE PRINT when printing hundreds of prints I cannot constantly be pressing okay for it resume printing how can I disable this message because there is an override for up to 18 inch prints (both of which sizes are already much large than what the bin size holds anyway? I don't understand this as 24x8 are a much more standard panorama size print than 8x18 size prints would be? There's got to be a way around this as it literally can takes hours to keep clicking the button each time it adds like a minute pause to the printing and could take like 2-3 hours to print 100 of these panorama's aweful, aweful design flaw if there's no way to disable this for production purposes.

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