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Please I need help regarding Error on my machine

Muhammad Syakran

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Can be mechanical problem ( bent paper , defective accumulator unit ) , not working sensor, EFU-DRV circuit board (2700YE600D) or EFU-DRVA circuit board (2850YE600A) , scanner drive circuit board of exposure feed unit. (2700YE600D) . Enter Status mode (247), then check the exposure sensor (S7), sub-drive exit sensor (S28) and paper feed sensor (S27).

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Is paper size corect ( the same as on print channel ) ? Which print option ( cut, fit, real size...) ?

Did you check all three sensors ( S7, S27 and S28 ) when they opened and closed? Did you see changes on 247 menu?

If sensors really work then here is some mechanical problem. you have ERR-D1308-0 , because S7 sensor didn't turn on. Try rotate by hand and look. Maybe you see what stopped the paper. 

If sensor S7 is working and you do not see any mechanical problem then can be, that motor doesn't rotate properely and paper is not advanced. Run motor from output check and look how it works.

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