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Hello, good afternoon, I have a Noritsu 3300 minilab, the prints 
came out correctly, when I turned it off and on again for the next job,
 it began to make a green print (like the attached image) 
without indicating any type of error... .perform the aom exchange 
(GREEN AND BLUE) and the problem continues... check the status of the 
sers and the synchronism in the service menu and it does not indicate 
any anomaly in this regard.... someone can guide me what it 
can be the origin of the problem...thank you in advance..
Sdos. July
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Hello, thanks for the answers, I was checking some cables, check 
the laser modules again, it still does not give an error
 and the status of the laser in the verification of the service menu
 is ok, but it is not in synchronism...
6 hours ago, TECNOR said:

Do you replaced laser head green ?

Hello, the laser change has not been made yet, I am in a country where 
acquiring a laser is quite expensive and it is also difficult to import
 it, we have to be sure that the problem is really the laser....
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Frequency should be 1380 on all lasers. Need check when lasers preheated. Also takes some time untill see 1380 ( sometimes about 10 second ) .

Can be :
G laser head output too weak, or laser head doesn't work properely
Not working G AOM driver
Faulty AOM crystal
Broken cable with BNC connectors ( between laser control pcb and G AOM driver, or between G AOM driver and G AOM crystal )
Not working AOM crystal
Faulty laser control pcb

Switch G AOM driver with AOM driver from other channel ( B, or R ) . Then can be sure, that AOM driver is really working.
Look which laser type you have. Then can check laser current ( when have green print and printing well ) . Compare these rates.

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Hello, I have carried out the corresponding tests indicated,
 the laser works and synchronises correctly but it is unstable,
 when making 10 copies continuously, a color variation occurs in them,
 I suppose it is a laser problem.... 
I thank all those who have helped me..


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