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Expired Film Scanning - Extreme Color Shifting


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Hello all. I know that everyone deals with processing very old C-41 film. We scan with HS-1800 and converted S-4s and will often get crazy cyan/magenta/blue shifting on output, the Noritsus struggle with the expired negatives. It will even correct some cyan then some magenta from frame to frame, so there is no consistency. Here is an example of two frames from the same roll:


I'm wondering if anyone has some sort of software or settings based solution to get better results (any tricks?). Often times when they are this bad we will convert them to black and white + auto levels/contrast in photoshop for more favorable results, but this takes extra time.

Thank you! :)

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21 hours ago, Dave S said:

Noritsu Special Correction Software – Tone Curve Correction Z810306-01

Appreciate it Dave! Is this pre-scan adjustments?

Does anyone have experience using the Tone Curve Correction software with images like these? Does it have both manual and automatic adjustments? I'm hoping that I'm not the only one that experiences issues with fried old film like this. 

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Yes it is a pre-scan adjustment. You access it by double clicking on the PJP image, then you select Tone Curve.

It has both manual and automatic adjustments.
It has a separate manual curve adjustment for red green and blue + density.

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