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fuji LP5500 mixing problem


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I've just fixed the problem of the GPR23 Card board battery which was dead and now the mixing doesn't works.

All the Sensors of the cartridge are ok. The cartridge is now empty but the water as not been added to the chemicals.

When I've tried to do the mixing by the menu installation there is an message: M0012 Repl. Tank Exist

What does it means?

Is there a way to add the water and do the mixing when the cartridge has been emptied?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English,

Oliver from Geneva

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Thanks a lot,

I did an error probably when I've check the cartridge sensor with a new cartridge inside.

But the frontier never ask for a new cartridge and the P1R and P2RA, P2RB were nearly empty in the replenisher thank.


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Levels look fine to me.

Automatic mixing should start when the physical levels of one of the replenisher tanks go below the green arrow on tank. Please wait until that happens.

I presume your machine is working normally at this time?

Please post a reply if it is otherwise.


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