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This 33xx minilab leaves a black line on all sizes, what will it be?

virgilio 7u7

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1. Polite people say "hi" or "hello" before asking for help from a community.
2. Inspect the laser output window for any obstacles before a laser beam (something like hair).
And a cause of it also depends on the paper movement direction.

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If the black stripe across the movement, it means the paper stops for a while and laser exposes one line so the black line appears.

Check all gears, belts etc in paper advance unit...

If the line along the movement it means something is on the laser beam's way.

Inspect inside the lab everything.

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If there was something partially blocking the exposure from the laser beam there would be a white line on the prints not a black line.

It difficult to give any advice based on that poor quality sample image.
It would be much better if the print was scanned using a flatbed scanner so the line can be seen in detail.

Is this happening on all paper widths and sizes?

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El 5/5/2022 a las 2:32 PM, Dave S dijo:

Si hubiera algo que bloqueara parcialmente la exposición del rayo láser, habría una línea blanca en las impresiones, no una línea negra.

Es difícil dar algún consejo basado en esa imagen de muestra de mala calidad.
Sería mucho mejor si la impresión se escaneara con un escáner de cama plana para que la línea se pueda ver en detalle.

¿Está sucediendo esto en todos los anchos y tamaños de papel?

if in all paper widths it makes the black line
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