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Where to buy software?

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I'm trying to buy plug-in modules for MSO1 software. I already dealt with mini lab laser and I'm extremely disappointed. Can anybody point me in the direction where I can find the MS-13 land spool software as well as the long length software? I have a hard time believing it's so difficult to deliver software that doesn't even have licenses for it?

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Dear Katherine,

If you remember, before you obtained MS01 v.4.2 so I thought it is smart to use the latest version of MS13 LAN Spool software and sent you MS13 v.2.0. that was developed for v.4.2 also.

What is wrong?

Why the latest version is became bad?

Just use it and have no troubles.

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If you need an original CD just let me know and pay for delivery of it and we will send you a CD.

Not the brand new, but no scratches on the surface.

Just no one wants to pay for delivery and you asked a downloadable version.

Sometimes I do not understand our clients 😃.

We are always at the client's side and ready to help and no one can blame us in unfair business, Katherine.
I will send you the version for Win XP, do not worry.

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