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I'm looking for a Kodak System 88 manual and help getting it up and running

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Hello partners:

I have been given a minilab system 88, with all its installation discs, but the pc was formatted and all the cables were unplugged for a long time.

I have recently turned on the PC and all the programs seem to be installed, but I have no idea how to get the minilab up and running.

Can someone help me? Does anyone have the manual for the minilab system 88?

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Kodak System 88 is made by KIS/Photo-Me. It is similar to DKS 550 and DKS 750. Hardware is very similar, but software on Kodak is different. Kodak uses own DLS software. About cables can ask on Photo-Me forum :
There can find many information about DKS 550 and DKS 750

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