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Processor drive motor M700 wont start


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Yesterday i replaced power supply and machine started working OK. But when i print a photo it jams in sector 6.1. meaning the drive motor doesn’t start. Checked in I/O check still not starting M700, dryer is working only processor isn’t . Please how can i solve this.

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Drive motor M700 is on Fuji 550/570 and 500. Guess you have 550 or 570.

M700 is drive motor + motor driver. Check do you have power suppliers ( 5V and 24 V on driver board connector CN601) . Other connector on driver board ( CN602 ) - control signals :
pin 2 - ON/OFF
pin 3 - direction ( CW or CCW ) 
pin 4 - driver error output ( from driver to minilab ) 
pin 5 - CLK ( pulses )

If you have ON signal and pulses ( CLK ) , but motor doesn't rotate then motor driver or motor faulty. In most cases faulty motor driver ( Fuji p.n. 141D1060898C, 141D1060898B ) .

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So i tried out another M700 servo motor but this time not fitted in the machine (chains). tried it outside and restarted the machine. The motor still didn't start when i activated it in I/O check but it had the resistance when i tried to turn the motor in one direction and when stopped it had resistance in other. 

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Thank you everyone for the help. 😁 The solution of the problem was a broken connector pin between CTP20 and PAC20 Board. The one that is giving the start signal for the drive motor.

I tried changing 3 driver boards but no solution was found they were working and alright.

Very glad to have a community like this. 😇

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