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Managing printers by QSS Network Service 2.3.0


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Hello. I am a software engineer working for a large digital print company, using large machine park of many NORITSU QSS minilab printers, like Noritsu QSS 3411, 3201, 3202 

Recently, I have been developing a software for integration of Noritsu  minilab printers with our own production system. I am using the QSS Network Service API with NetOrder TCP/IP Interface Version. Everything works great for dozens of machines QSS 3411, 3201, 3202, all having QSS Network Service versions from 2.1.0 to 2.3.0. I was able to develop the modern programming library to communicate with machines allowing:  

- Reading machine state with solution temperatures, spooler space, usage statistics 

- Reading paper and magazine information's (length, surface, width and more) 

- Reading Errors and Attention Status 

- Reading Print channel information's 

- Loading and managing colour profiles 

- LUT data registration  

- Printing (Order registration, orders queue and history information's) 


Recently my company has installed more machines with new software QSS 3702. They have an EZ-Controller instead of QSS installed and use newer API version - 3.1.1.  I'm having an integration difficulties. I'm able to get some information (not all, for example spooler size info is always zero) and print orders.  On the other hand, I cannot read orders information and history. The only status code I get is -51 (QSS NOT SUPPORT). Documentation says nothing about it and I am stuck here.

I will appreciate any help 


Zrzut ekranu 2022-05-19 104431.png

Zrzut ekranu 2022-05-19 104528.png

Zrzut ekranu 2022-05-19 104556.png

Zrzut ekranu 2022-05-19 104611.png

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Minilabs up to QSS3502 ( QSS32, QSS33, QSS34, QSS35  ) are Net order printers.
QSS3501 PLUS and latter ( QSS35 PLUS, QSS37, QSS38, QSS39 ) and Fuji LP7xxx are NPS printers. All Noritsu dry printers and Fuji DL4xx ( made by Noritsu ) are NPS printers also

There are two Noritsu printer driver. One is to print on Net order printers and second - on NPS printers. Can compare them to find difference on older minilabs and newer models.

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On 5/20/2022 at 10:15 PM, satyajit said:

hi dtrog as per my knowledge the 32 & 34 are made on same platform but 37 & above series are made with Lan connection so to communicate these 2 diffrent software you will need to have one more software ez-lab

Would you be so kind to tell me more about this ez-lab software? What is it? 

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EZ LAB is old and outdated management software with printing server. There can be connected old minilabs ( Net order printers ) and new minilabs and dry printers ( NPS ) . EZ LAB works on Windows XP.

Now to print on new minilabs and dry printers used EZ Controller. If to install connection module there can connect Net order minilabs ( QSS3101-1 and latter ) . EZ controller designed to work on W10 64 bit, but on W11 it works also.

There are two Noritsu print drivers. One is to print on Net order minilabs and second - on NPS printers. I think if compare them can find information, which you need. Print drivers work on any Windows.


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