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Noritsu QSS-3412 SA software

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There are 3412 (with scanner) and 3412 SA (no scanner). And they have the same LP2500 + PP1229SC. The difference is in the table SI2400 vs CS-1. The idea was to use 3412 SA software and I should not meet any exposure section errors then. If I can manage with the "table issue". Or am I wrong.


If I use 34-PRO software then I agree that exposure sensor error will appear but it makes no sense for me as they are different time type processor section machines.






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Hello. These minilabs are different :
QSS3412 = SI-2400 ( scanner ) + LP-2500 ( printer ) + PP-1229 ( processor )
QSS3412SA = CS-1 ( workstation without scanner ) + LP-2500 ( printer ) + PP-1229 ( processor )

To convert QSS3412 into QSS-3412SA need disconnect scanner ( SI-2400 ) and connect workstation ( CS-1 - workstation from QSS32, or QSS34 ) .

There are two software ( one for QSS3412 and other for QSS3412SA ) , but they can be used only on exact models.

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