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Developing Pushed Film with Fujifilm FP363SC AL


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I have been told that it's possible to developed pushed film with the FP363SC AL - apparently I have to raise the temperature of 1 degree Celsius for each pushed stop (ex. 39 degrees for a 200 ISO filmed rated to 400 ISO). 

Can someone confirm that this is possible? Did somebody try this? Do you have detailed instructions on how to do it?
I would much appreciate further help on this topic.

Thanks in advance.



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This sounds experimental; like someone wants to push with a machine that isn't meant to push. There are variable speed processors meant for this. Pushing and pulling should be done with time, not temperature.

You could certainly experiment, but I'm not sure how you're going to gauge the results. 1°c doesn't sound like anywhere near enough for a full stop to me.


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