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Darkroom + Noritsu 3411


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I'm trying to use Darkroom software with my Noritsu 3411 (actually 3 of them)

Each of this N3411 is absolutely ignoring Master DSA settings for net order. (chroma + sharpness)

However I have one 3202SD that has no problem when cooperating with Darkroom software.

I compared all the setting but all seems to the same. (netorder / operation selection / dsa).

What do You think can cause such problem?




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It's a little bit different. 

Then we have a problem that when sending from Ez Controller to QSS3411 – images were acting as if DSA values were set to the max. We downgrade QSS version to 6.0 and problem disappeared. But EZ Controller were smoothly working with QSS.

Now when sending from Darkroom it completely ignores DSA setting.

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The Chroma problem disappeared when you downgraded the software, but did the problem of the Netorder DSA settings having no effect also disappear?

If it’s working on the 32 but not on the 34, at a guess I’d say it’s a software problem on the 3411 software


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