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How to connect a S-4 scanner (from QSS-35xx )  to a QSS-3202SD Pro Printer


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Dear Sirs, who can teach me How to connect a S-4 scanner (from QSS-35xx )  to a QSS-3202SD Pro printer  runnning with QSS-32SD Pro program/software version 6.00.008.

Since QSS-3202SD Pro was manufactured without scanner so that is no way to do Scanner Configuration. . . 

at least I know  (1)  I need a "Scanner Interface PCB" -and-   (2)  to replace the QSS-3202SD Pro program/software with a normal QSS-32SD pro program/software to allow Scanner connection and configuration. ...      what else  hardware / software I need, Sirs ?  please teach .    Have a good day to all !

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You will need the J391267 PC- Scanner interface PCB

You will also need the J391238 switch control PCB if your machine has the J391121 switch control PCB fitted. (The J391121 switch control PCB doesn’t have enough ARCNET ports)

LVDS cable and ARCNET cable to connect to the scanner.

To switch the scanner power on and off there needs to be a power cable going to J/P102 on the J391262 power PCB which usually connects to plugs J/P433 and J/P117

And obviously the software needs to be 32SD Digital instead of Pro.

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What I noticed is on the 33SD the ARCNET cable connects directly to the scanner from the PC- scanner interface PCB.

But on the 32SD the ARCNET for the scanner is connected to the switch control PCB, and the ARCNET ports on the PC- scanner interface PCB are not used.
It is a bit odd why Noritsu did it this way on the 32SD.

I guess you could try connecting the scanner ARCNET directly to the PC- scanner interface PCB on the 32SD to see if it works, if it does you won't need to change the switch control PCB.


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