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colorful test print


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The problem could be the Image Processing Pcb.

If you can, check :

1) Auto tuning ( only for 30xx)

2) Chemistry

3) Calibration Plate

4) Image Processing Pcb

5) Laser and/or Aom 



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I don't have any experience with 3001, but this is similar to an issue I was having with 3411, although mine was much worse. Never saw it on a calibration print though. Only happened randomly on images processed by the printer, not from net order. Mostly on film scans and package prints. Thought it was image processing pcb, but ended up being an ARCNET interference issue (no errors ever thrown).

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Dear all, the strange problem had been caused by a bad laser control board <and> bad contact of 1 RAM on the image processing pcb. 

Problem gone with a new board replacement and RAM change,   tested good so far .. 

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