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sp3000 standalone setup

leon brick

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I have purchased an SP3000 without any software installed or any server PC

I have 2 toshiba recovery CD

MS01 ver 4.2 2 CDs

MS11 Cd Backup Floppy

I went through the forums and spoke with some friends who said that I will need FMPC beside the server ,is this true? 

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No it is not true. FMPC is optional, so it is not necessary. Would be waste of money to use it ( when scanner is stand alone ) .

How can be that scanner computer is not installed? What do you have on this computer? Maybe BIOS settings are bad, or computer is not working?

You have everything to install scanner and server. Server should be on W7 32 bit. If want newer computer ( W10 64 bit ) then on server need newer MS01 version.

If can't install yourself write private message and I can help to do it.

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Sorry forgot to ask ,

Someone is selling a non working scanner for main board issue but Toshiba PC and server are running fine.

If I buy them and install them on my scanner then read the backup comes with my scanner should this work?

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On scanner will be only Windows 2000 PRO. Other Windows can't be used there. Toshiba is not necessary. On SP-3000 can use any other computer, which has Windows 2000 drivers. Many times installed SP-3000, which had faulty computer.

You have main software to install scanner. Have not any optional modules but they are not necessary.

You also need other computer to install server. With your MS01 version you can use only W7 32 bit. To use on server W10 64 bit you need newer MS01 version.

With software should be manuals. Of course there is general information and no information how to install step by step. Can ask software supplier to write how install step by step. They took payment, so should do their job.

I wrote step by step manual for my customers to install server on W10 64 bit. It is possible to modify to for W7 32 bit server. If need my help to install write private message.


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