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Fuji Frontier SP3000 6x7 mask Problem

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Using the 6x7 mask on the Frontier SP3000 I am not able to scan the whole negative. Although the proportions seem to be right (305x355.8), the scan cuts part of the frame. What I see in the preview is more than the final scan.

Changing the magnification won’t help much. 

How can I scan the whole 6x7 negative?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Yes, proportions correct. 7 / 6 = 355.8 / 305.

Scanner doesn't use part of CCD. Maybe mask position is not adjusted. Try to make mask position adjustment (0420 menu) for 6x7 mask.

Changing frame magnification you can select which area to scan. Of course maximum can scan image, which is fitted into mask.

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