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update the computer of the 3501f noritsu machine and install the new version v12 of the 3501 system it stays like this and does not start

virgilio 7u7

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Hace 12 horas, el servicio minilab dijo:

6900-0001 significa error del sistema de control principal: ARCNET o LVDS no se pueden utilizar. Intente reinstalar el controlador ARCNET / LVDS (elimine del administrador de dispositivos y ejecute el asistente para encontrar e instalar controladores nuevamente).

I already solved error 6900-0001, but now this other error appears


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You have two errors. 
6211-0002 means paper remains in the exposure advance unit - exposure end sensor is dark. Remove paper. if it is there. If not - clean sensor check sensor voltages and calibrate it.
5532 means the processing solution safety thermostat has activated. Probably you have this error because CD circulation is missing and heater is overheated. Turn off minilab and wait until heater cools down. Then turn on minilab and check do you have voltage on CD circulation pump. If you have voltage, but have not CD circulation then pump is not working, or pipes are blocked. Need drain CD tank. disassemble clean and test pump and clean pipes ( from pump to CD tank ) .


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