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Can someone help me to fix this issue please ,i already change the aom and also do intial set up but it always end up the print like this.


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White print is green, because G is missing. It is normally on Noritsu minilabs.

Can be not working AOM driver, bad cable between AOM driver and laser control pcb, bad cable between Aom driver and AOM crystal, bad AOM crystal, not working laser control pcb, or not working G laser head.

First switch G AOM driver with  R, or B. Then can be sure, that in G channel is working aom driver.
Then check cable between aom driver input and laser control pcb. Disconnect connectors on both sides. Then with multimeter check connectivity between one connector and other ( one connector middle with other connector middle, one connector ground with other connector ground ) . There should be connection ( 0 ohm ) . Also check connection between connector middle and connector ground. There shouldn't be connection. 
Check AOM driver output cable connection between connector middle and connector ground. There shouldn't be connection.

To check all other need disassemble laser unit. You didn't write minilab model, but I think here is QSS32, 33, or 34. On these minilabs can be various laser control pcb, but they are exchangeable, so board can test on any of them.

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