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Good afternoon, I wanted to ask you if it happened to you? arrive and the machine does not turn on, I did the voltage control, the voltage arrives perfectly, I unplugged and reconnected the cables of the platelets and it does not turn on either. Anyone know what might be happening? THANK YOU 

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Might be processor board battery is bad and minilab startup doesn't work. Try minilab force start. Remove minilab cover ( at the bottom - where stands operator ) . There you see PAC22 board. Remove connector from PAC18 ( OFF ) and connect to PAC19 ( ON ) . Then power on and start minilab.

If minilab will start then bad processor board battery. If not - probably not working power supply. 

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Computer works. Just monitor has not power. Use standard cable and try connect monitor directly to wall socket. Look what you see on monitor.

If monitor and computer work, then it is some problem with processor board ( missing CRT relay power from this board )  . Can be :
missing power suppliers
burned fuse on processor control pcb
processor control pcb not working.

Check all that and tell what you have and what not.

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