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Too much yellow in prints


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We've noticed a shift in color on our prints; it seems to be more yellow. 

Our print count is usually lower this time of year so I suspect it's probably a chemistry issue. 

On one of the prints with a yellow cast, we added 1 drop of color developer and 1 drop of bleach fix then rinsed with tap water and dried.

The Color Developer drop turned slightly more yellow and the Bleach Fix drop turned a bit more blue.

Am I on the right track or should I be looking at something else?

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If the white parts of the print are yellow it usually is chemistry related, it can be contaminated CD, bad BF or dirty STB.

If the whites are good but the print is yellow, it can be something electronic related, AOM, laser etc.

There is not enough details in your post to give a more precise answer. Also we don't know which model of machine you have.

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Please specify what do you have in details.

In one sentence you write about yellow shift.

In another you mentioned yellow cast.

It is not the same.

Please send the scanned image and we will look at it to make a recommendation.

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3 hours ago, argentino said:

I have the same issue. But i use NORITSU 3501i ( ibeam, not laser)

This are the pics

left is 3501i with yellow cast, right is another minilab we have, next is the Original file, 

withes are OK. , but color is yellow shifted

Check your colorimeter calibration plate.
If it is plastic, the white patch will probably have yellowed with age.

Nortisu changed the design of new plates to a metal one to stop this from happening.


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