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Hi ,
for 3-4 years since I bought the minilab, I've been struggling to figure out how to print black and white photos (the pictures have a greenish-yellow tinge), but over time I've changed AOM, chemicals, temperatures and others.
2 days ago I received AOM from Japan, I spent a lot of money on it thinking that I would get rid of the problem of aberrant colors, but the problem remained

  if any technician sees the post and can help or guide me I would appreciate it.




My New Project_09.jpg

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10 hours ago, alex800 said:

durante 3-4 años desde que compré el minilab, he estado luchando por descubrir cómo imprimir fotos en blanco y negro (las imágenes tienen un tinte amarillo verdoso), pero con el tiempo he cambiado AOM, productos químicos, temperaturas y otros.
Hace 2 días recibí AOM de Japón, gasté mucho dinero en ello pensando que me desharía del problema de los colores aberrantes, pero el problema seguía siendo

si algún técnico ve el post y puede ayudarme o guiarme se lo agradecería.




Mi nuevo Project_09.jpg

Place a white piece of white paper on the calibration plate, because the calibration plate may already be yellow.
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Measurement results are quite good. Calibration plate is new ( ceramic ) . Ceramic plates has not time limit, so it is enough if it is clean.

Did you register your new calibration plate, when changed it? You had to do it loading new calibration data.

I think your paper is not supported by Fuji software. Fuji system software is very old ( version 3.1 on XP , or 4.0 on W7 32 bit ) . Profiles embedded on these versions are old and new papers might mismatch.

The best would be to use new, modern Noritsu software - EZ controller 7.41 + minilab system software version 19.0 + profile data 4.81 + optional modules. On new profile data can find new papers. On Noritsu system software can make these adjustments :
Paper Gamma Setup
Black Balance Adjustment
Highlight Balance Adjustment
Highlight Balance Adjustment (Manual)
Brightness of the Edge
Exposure Adjustment

Machine-to-machine variation correction
NCE Mode
Setup Switch 

All that are on paper specification registration menu ( press F there ) . Not all these settings are on old Fuji software.

Also on EZ controller is possible to load own profiles ( for printer and for monitor ) . Then you can get prints, which you need.

Noritsu software was updated this year. If want change software from Fuji to Noritsu write private message. I can help to do it.

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Yes.... strange problem, better it was an error and I knew it had a defect and that visible defect had to be solved.
Yes, I assume that the new calibration plate settings were loaded into the system (I bought it like this)
The paper used is Fuji Cristal Archive and H-1 is a channel dedicated to Frontier Series 7xxxx for Luster and Glossy and H-2 is for Matte
I also read about the new software from Noritsu, but I have doubts that it will be solved.
  what do you think about this article from laserrepair info (reading the post it seems quite plausible to me) with Crystal Aom and the description he makes there matches my defects.




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It’s a common problem; I’ve seen other Fuji LP-7700 with similar issues.
I’ve also seen the same issue where the daily setup correction value never gets to 0.0.

The best solution is to change to Noritsu software as Minilab service suggested.

But you can try putting a correction into the Paper Balance Correction for each magazine, it should help somewhat.

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There is only ever going to be a work around solution with the Fuji software, it is a software problem/ out of date profile data issue. There are not going to be any updates to this Fuji software now.

I forgot to also mention NCE mode, add corrections to try to make the grey patches neutral.

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