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Leader card in not feeding. I read previous posts about freeing up solenoids and cleaning sensors - can you tell me how to take off the front plastic cover to better expose the area? We've had multiple V30s of various generations, and this one was even working in our lab. Usually problems like this are an easy fix, but this one seems to be stubborn. With almost half a thousand rolls building up we'd be extremely grateful for any light you can shine on the issue !
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There are 4 screws holding on that cover, 2 at the front, 2 at the back, one accessed from where the racks are, the other behind the side panel.

The cover is a very tight fit, be careful of the wires for the green light, you'll need to unplug it before fully removing the cover.

Check the top inner rollers on the CD rack are not swollen, preventing them from turning.

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To get access to the solenoids you will need to remove the loading unit. Remove all the back plates, including the one underneath the keyboard. There are 2 screws at the back and 2 screws on the base that need to be loosened to remove the unit.

You can check the pressure solenoids are operating in output check, they should make a clunk sound.

Did you check the rollers in the CD rack?

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