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I have a fuji LP1500 / 350, I contact you following the mixing and regeneration problems.
We have the error, W-2680 which returns constantly, we read on the forum your advice. We have cleaned all the filters as shown in the photo, the machine has triggered the preparation of the new chemistry but it remains stuck on the mixing stage, as if it had not finished. I don't know where to look for the corresponding sensors. Thanks for your help

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PXL_20220920_071656106.MP (1).jpg

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Drain all replenishment tanks. Then go to processor input check menu and look status of replenishment tank upper and lower sensors. All these sensors should have status "No" ( because replenishment tanks are empty ) .
Probably some sensor status remains "Yes" . Then need remove and clean sensors. Note sensors and connectors positions. When sensors removed - clean and wash them. Then connect back, assemble and check status again.

If all good then force fill replenishment tanks ( install new cartridge and perform “PROC.INST.MODE” - “INSTALLATION” - “MIX REPLENISH”. ) . After that calibrate replenishment pumps ( 0640 Pump Output Measurement/Setting menu ) .

More information can find if to search error number :
You have Fuji 350 ( LP1500 ) , but the same replenishment is on Fuji 355 ( LP1500 ) , Fuji 370 ( LP2000 ) , Fuji 375 ( LP2000 ) . One topic about 355 is even with pictures and screenshots. There you can see everything what you need.

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Thank you very much for your answer, your knowledge is really very important for the community, if you come to Switzerland,  I will offer you a drink with pleasure !

Could you help me, thank you

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