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Fuji Frontier SP2000 Error E-1130


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First of all I apologise if I haven’t followed forum protocol and placed this in the wrong area, I have lurked over these forums but never made an account or post until now.


Im currently looking at purchasing a scanner unit to process rolls at home quicker (I do a lot for friends, family and myself) 

I have found a fuji frontier sp2000 that’ll fit my needs quite well but unfortunately it has an intermittent issue.


“During testing we ran into an intermittent issue where we would occasionally have a single line of pixels displaying a dotted green/magenta line (negative/slide films) - please see listing photos for on image samples and on-screen prompts that the scanner displays during operation. 
(One of the images is an extreme crop to show issue)”
I’m extremely savvy when it comes to electronics, I repaired multiple smaller scanners ( ie Nikon coolscans) and made custom psu’s for older equipment so I’m not afraid to dive in on something that needs repair.
My question, is this something much more malicious and possibly not worth the hassle? Or this is something that is very prominent in the frontier scanners and I haven’t stumbled upon it yet online? 
I do have to travel over 10 hours Via car to even see the scanner in person but there isn’t anything else available within my state (South Australia) 





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