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3501 yellow shifting during the day


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Hey community!

I have a problem with one of our machines again unfortunately :(
During the day the yellow channel looses on intensity. If I change the magazine forth and back, I see loosing yellow in my pictures.
On the next day the daily setup adds 1,4-1,5 density to yellow channel , and the process of loosing yellow starts again during the day.

I tried to switch AOM drivers between channels , but nothing happens, the yellow channel not working properly. 

Please see attached pictures of dayli setup history.

Thank you again guys!



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6 hours ago, yustas said:

Try one more AOM driver and if there will be no good result go to a blue laser module inspection.

It seems it is weak so you have an yellow shift.

I tried another one from another 3501P and the result is same. Now I´m waiting for 1 new (refurbished) AOM and will try it with that. But it looks like something is wrong with blue laser but on the other hand, when we had laser failure in the past on other machines, it was an accidental failure from one moment to another.
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48 minutes ago, Kmit said:

If you switched two Aom and the problem is the same it means that the aom is good. However when you change the aom you have to do initial setup.

I have one case where one client (also with qss35 but his model had only 1 AOM driver) tried 3 (THREE) AOM drivers (made in China) in turn and they all turned out to be faulty.
He was lucky, he had a service company in the city, so he could try to replace many times.
Maybe the company he borrowed the AOM drivers from got a bad batch of them from the supplier, but that's a fact. Only the 4th driver worked well.

We were confident that his laser was working well, because we had previously asked him to check its condition using his multimeter skills, so the next thing to do was to check the AOM driver.
As far as I know, it still works on that driver, so it's a real lottery...
Therefore, if he has the opportunity to check his equipment using another AOM diver, let him try.


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On 10/13/2022 at 9:00 PM, kodak_service said:

If the color of the photographs always turns blue and does not suddenly turn yellow, then the problem is not with the AOM, but with the blue laser.

Yes, the photos slowly loosing yellow color in them. For example I made a print at 6.00 AM with correction values +2 +1 N and print the same photo at 14.30 with same correction values, the photo goes to blue colors. To achieve the similar visual result I have to print it with values +3 +1 N or +4 +1 N. Then if I make a daily setup, after measuring I have something like +1 or more correction value on yellow channel. After this I can print the mentioned photo with values +2 +1 N and get a similar visual result (not blueish print)


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