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"Rebuilt" Frontier SP3000 Stand Alone


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Hi everyone, I am new in this forum and new in the Fuji Frontier scanner world. I just got my hands on a New Old Stock Frontier SP3000 Stand Alone but the problem is that I don't have the PC supposed to come with the Scanner... everything else is right in place except the PC with Windows 2K and MS suite installed on it.

I would like to know the process to get this beast back on track, what the process, what software do I need (I just need the SP3000 for scanning film, I don't need to print), how to reinstall everything so the SP3000 will be usable as Stand Alone.

Thank you by advance for your Help,


Best regards

Clément from Grainyroll in France

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2 minutes ago, TECNOR said:

Sp 3000 have your pc, exist different software for use this stand alone. For example MS01.

The pc original of Sp3000 need A1, recovery cd.

Where can i get this A1 recovery CD ? 

Is there a way to built a new PC with Windows 2K and reinstall MS01 on it ?

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1 hour ago, Minilab service said:

Faulty computer is typical problem on SP3000. Many times used not original computers there. If want can help you. Write private message, if interested.

I will send you a private message tomorrow, thank for your help.

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