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37,38,39 HD - 640 DPI


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Hi to all,


We are considering a refurbished Noritsu 37,38 or 39 and we are looking for the HD 640 DPI version. We print photobooks with our Frontier 570 and would really want to know if this will be an upgrade due to the fact that it prints double the resolution from the LP570.

So, does 640 dpi brings more sharpnes and higher color gamut or will that be unnoticeable ? 


I know that our Lp570 already prints 640 by default up until 15x20 ( I might be wrong tho), but does these up mentioned version of Noritsu print 640 dpi at 30x90 cm.



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QSS370x , QSS3800, QSS3800G resolution :
Main scanning 300 dpi
Sub-scanning 600 dpi
Fuji sold green painted QSS370x ( Fuji LP7500 - LP7900 ) .

QSS370x HD, QSS3704G, QSS3801 HD, QSS3801G, QSS390xG  resolution :
Main scanning 640 dpi
Sub-scanning 640 dpi
Fuji sells green painted QSS39 Noritsu - Fuji LP9700. It is equiv with QSS3904GF.

Fuji LP5700 resolution :
Main scanning 300 dpi
Sub-scanning 600 dpi
Fuji LP5700R is slightly modified LP5700. LP5700 is very old ( made in 2003 ) . Both minilabs have the same electronic boards. Upgraded only mechanical parts, fans and some other parts.
Print size 305 x 457 ( standard ) , 305 x 640 ( when installed long length software ) , 305 x 914 ( if added very expensive hardware ) .

You will not see big difference between HD and not HD models. Gamut is the same and depends on paper, which you use.   


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Gamut is range from D-MIN ( paper whiteness ) to D-MAX ( maximum fogged paper ) . The widest gamut have good professional papers, where D-MAX values are the highest. Not all papers are recommended to use on old minilabs ( because missing profiles ) . CP49E is fast process. It is not enough time to develop some papers to reach the best density results ( if compare to traditional RA process ) . Especially can see it on RED color range. Not all professional papers recommended to use on old minilabs. Look paper datasheets and compare them.

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Thank you very much. On our LP570 we have the option with ne LUT table to choose the correct type of paper from the data sheet.


For instance, when printing Fuji Silk CA DP II, the linespeed is low and the paper stays longer in the developer and the BF, so I guess you are referring to this.


But yes as you said there are better newer minilabs to do this, so which one you would suggest is the best for albums then?

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Fuji has not correct profiles. There are not many LUT files. The same profiles are for few papers, so profiles are just approximate for exact papers. 
Noritsu has many profiles. Each profile is for exact paper and for exact minilab model.

It is possible on printing interface load your customized profiles.   They will effect only customers photo and will not effect test prints. This way you can correct only colors between D-MIN and D-MAX. With profile you can't change minimal and maximal values. D-MIN depends on paper whiteness and chemicals. D-MAX depends on paper, exposing and how good paper developed ( developer temperature and developing time ) .

Paper gamut can see on paper datasheets.  Yes, Fuji Silk CA DP II has wider gamut, if compare with cheaper paper. Fuji Silk CA DP II D-MAX 2.35, 2.35 and 2.25 when standard Fuji Crystal Archive D-MAX values are less than 2.0. Paper datasheets can find on Fuji web pages. For example :
Open parer, press "support" and look at .pdf file.

CP-49E and CP-49HV (on Frontier 570) processing times are P1 - 19 sec, P2 - 19 sec, PS- 17 sec. Here standard speed for this minilab processor. Temperatures - 43, 43 and 45 degrees. Temperatures should be calibrated ( on Fuji menu ) . Temperatures in tanks should match temperatures displayed on the screen. It is possible a little increase temperatures to have better paper processing.
To have good white chemicals should be clean. Otherwise you instead white you have yellow, or grey.

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