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Lp570 starting the P1


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Hello to everyone,

We have been using Kodak starter when creating a new developer for our Frontier 570, but due to that missing in the market we went for the Fuji Starter.


The exposed paper when run through the processor is not black enough, it is more like dark dark grey, almost black.


We added 1.1 L P1, 1L Fuji Starter and the rest is water.



1. What is the correct mixture?

2. We have half bottle of that Kodak starter that has been used a year ago. Can that still be used?


3. By adding P1 manually, will it be possible to bring back the blacks?



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The best is to use Fuji start-up kits for CP-49E :
There are everything to fill working tanks. How to make you can see on box, or provided datasheet.

Starter mainly is the salt. Not so important, which company made it. Just need to see how concentrated it is and how much need to add into working tank with CD.

Black color is fogged paper, which came through chemicals and nothing else. If you have not deep black your gamut will be narrow and you can't get good print quality. 

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That is what I am facing right now. Our black on the DP II Silk is good, and after 4 Print Codnitions Setup, we get the "OK" from the densitometer.

But this is not the case with the Chrystal Archive paper Glossy. Even after 8 tests the "results are not within the range". 


Another issue which was poi ted from the servicer was that it could be the AOM, so we switched to a new aom and it made no difference so he said that it could be a laser issue.

Another issue could be an old paper (i doubt because white is great).

A bad densitometer, but it works fine with Silk.


We don't have where to find these solutions. Should we do a new test with new chemicals?

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D-MAX on crystal archive is lower, if compare with DP II. I think chemicals didn't process paper correctly. Try to find external densitometer and measure black on test print. Try to take fogged pieces of paper ( CA and DPII ) and run them through processor.  They should be absolutely black. Measure D-MAX and compare them.

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