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7015 does not print from apex


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Hi All, 

I have a very strange problem with one 7015. This printer was in controll error 25, now I fixed it, but I can't print from Apex. 

The printer is on Ready, I can print test print by operator panel, the APEX find the print, but when I try to print, an error appears :

"The printer has detected a change in the paper size.Please reconfigure your system for this paper size and reboot the system".

The very strange thing is that if I try to print the same pictures via PC there are no problems, i I could use it stand alone but I I definitely want to fix this.

If i use "the thermal printer diagnostics" on Apex, the error message is : " Image Height and/or witdh is too large for the installed ribbon"

Does anyone have any advice ?

Thanks in advance.

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I reinstalled the old firmware 10.00 on the 7015 and then I installed the software Apex Kpex + v 9.0 on the formatted hard disk so the system installed the newest firmware.

Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that fix the problems. 



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