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Noritsu 2901 how to replace card

Jerry mott

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Ask .dat file, or calibration data floppy where you got calibration plate. File is for exact calibration plate, so can't use file from other. This .dat file write on floppy and load to minilab. If real floppy drive doesn't work then can use virtual floppy ( it should have letter "A" ) .

Also can find professional colorimeter, measure your calibration plate and create .dat file. Format should be the same, which is on Noritsu.

One more possibility to get calibration file from Noritsu. Can ask, if calibration plate has good condition. Otherwise calibration plate data will not match the plate. To get file use your calibration plate serial number. Of course can get file if Noritsu dealer will be very interested to help you and ask file from Noritsu Japan. For dealer better to sell new set ( calibration plate + floppy ) . 

Can buy other set ( calibration plate + floppy, or .dat file ) . The same calibration plate used on QSS28, QSS29, QSS30 and QSS31. If to buy used - calibration plate should have good condition. Otherwise calibration plate data will not match the plate ( need clean and use professional colorimeter to make new file )

Can buy new set ( calibration plate + floppy, or .dat file ) . There are original and not original calibration plates. Not original calibration plates can be even ceramic. Plastic calibration plates can be original and not original.  Ceramic calibration plates are better, than plastic. Noritsu for old minilabs sells only original plastic calibration plates. 

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NEVER buy used plate which will fool yourself in maze when you are having a color problem.

I090171-00 sub to newer part no. Z021440-01  [ Calibration Plate, Unit A ]  had been supply discontinued by Noritsu Japan many years ago 

I saw China has supplier(s) selling china-made NEW Z021440-01 SET with floppy disk,,, or CD rom...   

Frankly speaking  I never have a chance to buy and try the result of China quality

Make sure your QSS-2901 floppy disk drive is still working / reading properly . . .   Good Luck !

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