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Frontier 7900 - mixing replenisher CP49E error


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Sometimes after mixing replenisher cartridge Frontier 7900 shows error (solenoid abnormal etc.) - cause is simple - one of the upper level sensors is off after operation. Sometimes it is enough to add  50 ml of water to pr1 and sensor is ON.

But the error exists in memory and after certain amount of pictures machin will completely stop.

The only treatment I know is draining all PR solutions until all level sensors are OFF, restart machine and make her in maintenance: Replenisher Mixing.


It is long procedure, and wasting chemicals. \Does exist quick way to remove this error from machine's memory?

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Probably sensor bottom part is dirty. Drain replenishment tanks. One by one remove sensors , clean them ( hot water ) and put them back. Also can wash replenishment tanks ( fill water and drain ) . After that make initial filling. Then all should work. After that go to service menu and check all replenishment pumps. Calibrate all them. After that problem shouldn't return.

Temporary solution would be to add these 50 ( or 100 ) mL during mixing. Of course need do it very fast ( before operation finished ) .

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