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QSS-3311 Printer Leaking


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I have a 3311 that suddenly had a puddle under the machine yesterday when a tech came back from lunch. I am not sure if it is the water tank or the CD tank that is leaking. It was just wet enough yesterday that I could not tell which spot was the cause. The color makes me think developer, but the lines seem dry and the valves all seem clean too. Attached are a few photos. My thought is it might be chemical from a spill the techs never cleaned up, and it is the water tank (either a pump or the Orings). What're your thoughts?




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We replaced the gaskets on the water tank once we had everything dried. About four days later we have another leak, this time much darker. It does not smell or look like bleach or stabilizer. Under the CD tank there is a lot of moisture and it seems to "leaking" but I cannot figure out here. Is it possible the tank developed a leak? All of the lines and connections in the front seem completely dry (many having dust on them from not being really moved or worked with directly). Any thoughts?

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