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How to install help 2 (?2) on EZ controller 6.11 for QS3704HD?


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I'm going to install new EZ Controller 6.11.

I've done most of components but it doesn't have help2(?2).

So it shows error message when it is turn on.   No. 10400-00007

Anyone can advise on this problem?



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EZ Controller 6.11 is not a new. It is very old version. It is designed to work on W8 64 and older Windows. New version is 8.

To see "help2" should be installed QSS Printer and on EZ controller should be registered minilab or loaded EZ controller backup ( where minilab was registered ) .

10400-00007 is sum of three errors :
10400-00001 - the error table file was not found.
10400-00002 - the message data file was not found.
10400-00004 - HELP data file was not found.
If you see all three errors probably QSS Printer was not installed. Install QSS Printer. For W8 should be QSS Printer version 16.10 or higher. For W10 - version 18 and higher. 

Install EZ controller. Version should support your Windows. For W10 - version 6.60 and higher. The latest - EZ controller version 8 ( can work on W11, W10 and other ) .After that install QSS Printer. For W10 - version 18 and higher. The latest - version 19.30 ( can work on W11 ) . Also need install profile data vol.3 and optional modules ( frame print, tone curve correction and many other ) . If used scanner - need install scanner system software. 
When finished - load backup and everything should work. 
If all that done, but help2 missing then just add this icon manually. Can do it on QSS Switcher settings. There can add - remove icons and set switcher position ( top, left, or right ) .

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