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temporarily disabling Picture kiosk orders to APEX


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howdy folks

Is there a way to temporarily disconnect the picture kiosks from the APEX system to prevent orders going through to APEX?


Our APEX printers are very low/have no supplies because of some backlogs with our DC, right now we pretty much just turn off all of the settings for products that go to APEX, but that’s fairly time consuming considering how many kiosks we have, and that the settings reset every 3 days. 

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I didn't understand your problem, but  you can :

Option 1 ) to unplug the network cable

Option 2) Setup - Manage Features - Apex Setup - Service Level Options - Uncheck All ( in background Seconds Kiosk work )

Option 3) Setup - Configure System Settings - Kiosk Network - Join/Leave Kiosk Network - Single Kiosk

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