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Fuji Pearl Glossy getting stuck in dryer


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We've been running Fuji Pearl Glossy for a few years now and have occasionally had a print or two get stuck in the dryer of our Noritsu 3702. We usually just pull them out and it continues to print without issue. 

For the last month, we can't get ANY Fuji Pearl Glossy to clear our dryer and come out of the printer. We don't have any issues with luster or regular glossy. 

We've cleaned the dryer, made sure sensors are clear and inspected the dryer unit for any visible issues; we haven't been able to find the cause. 

We've contacted our sales rep to see if a change was made to the paper itself and are waiting to hear back.

Hoping someone else may have come across this issue and has a solution.

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I agree with Dave, this may be due to seasonal changes in humidity. Where are you located? We're in the US midwest where it gets very dry during the winter months, so all of the dryer temps get turned down. As soon as spring comes around they get turned back up. 

They could be getting cooked a bit by the dryer making them overly curly (turn down temp) or a little wet causing them to stick somewhere in advance. From what I've been told, you want to zero in where they come out ever so noticeably wet, then turn up the dryer a couple of degrees from there. The closer you are to just-dry the less curly your prints will be.

If you hear anything from Fuji about the pearl please share!

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