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Back up files from Noritsu 3201SD


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Do not load other scanner backup. Each scanner has individual settings. If you load you loose your scanner settings and scanning quality will be bad.

Yes, to add 120AFC-II film carrier you need to make automatic focus calibration ( for all zoom rates ) . To do it need adjustment chart. It is easy to find someone, who has it. 

120AFC-II is optional, so initial data has not this film carrier settings. Settings will be on backup only when you make automatic focus calibration for this film carrier.

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Thank you for replies. I have everything, 120 carrier focus, chart, experience but I get an error during auto focus calibration. If I load arm.lzh from a lab where this calibration was done I'll be able to correct the focus manually and work. Other calibrations can be done easily. I did this trick with 3301 and S2 scanner - works perfectly. I found that on some labs when you trying to make autofocus on a 120 carrier you get very low focus value (60-70) and it stops with error. On 135 carrier all is ok. I didn't found any mechanical or electrical problems in the scanners and tried different soft versions and have no idea how to fix it. So I hope to find needed backup for this combination: 32SD, 3301SD, or, may be 3300 with S4 and 120 registered. S2 and S3 are not compatible.

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