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Faint Lines in B&W 120 scan HS-1800


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Hello all, 

I've been having this issue for a while now, faint lines on b&w scans-seen especially in dark areas or skies.  Pattern appears not to be caused by the lens unit on bottom of carrier.  Tried 2 different lenses , same pattern.  Tried wiping down the Dust-Proof glass on scanner and light source(pic 2), same pattern appears.  Should I try removing the bottom dust-proof glass(light source) and clean underneath? Not sure what else to try , any suggestions are welcomed, thank you.



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These lines are running with direction of travel, or against it?

You've ruled out processing for sure? Something like this would be extremely difficult to see on the negs - if you're using roller transport processing for your B&W I'd look into this. Can you scan color or c41 black and white film on the b&w channel and get the same results?

Clean the metal slits on the carrier thoroughly, both the inside and outside of the top and bottom with a little bit of denatured or rubbing alcohol. I think if the issue was with the scanner itself you'd see symptoms in other film types (if you're using this for 135 black and white as well). 


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Ruled out processing by scanning the same film upside down, the lines remained in the same pattern but over a different area.  I've tried a second 120 carrier, with and without the bottom lens. Without the bottom lens, the scan made with the 2nd carrier, had very little to none of the lines.  Added the bottom lens and the lines came back. Tried a 2nd bottom lens with the 2nd carrier and the result is the best I've seen so far but would like to eliminate the lines for both of my 120 carriers and bottom lenses. Thank you for your help.

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On 1/16/2023 at 10:25 AM, Dave S said:

From what you are describing it sounds like maybe one of the bottom lenses has some scratches on it.

The part number for just the lens is A075371-01

Thank you, will have to look into getting another lens

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Lens ( A075371-01 ) ask your local Noritsu. If they have not in stock they order from Japan.

Also can order whole lens unit ( lens + plastic holder + screws ) . Lens unit - Noritsu part number Z021143-01.

One more ordering option is lens unit with additional difuser. It has part number Z024252-01 ( lens unit Z021143-01 + diffuser A083842-01 ) . Is lens unit with difuser, or without it need select on scanner system software ( HS-1800 machine specification menu ) .

On Alibaba and Aliexpress can buy not original lens unit Z021143-01 ( made in China ) . Price 56 USD on Alibaba ( from maker ) and 134 USD on Aliexpress ( from reseller ) .

Lens unit Z021143-01 = A075371-01 ( lens ) + B020099-01 ( plastic holder ) + H003627-00 ( screw ) + H048176-00 ( washer )
Lens unit with additional diffuser Z024252-01 = A075371-01 ( lens ) + B020099-01 ( plastic holder ) + H003627-00 ( screw ) + H048176-00 ( washer ) + A083842-01 ( additional diffuser ) .

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