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SP500 scanner and S2 software


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A friend of mine gave me his old SP500 scanner that he do not use anymore. He gave me the image of his HDD and i built a working PC with this image and i can scan.

The problem is that the PC is very old and slow. I want to install it on newer pc. He dont have the original instalation disks.

I have instalation FE software from 340/350 machine. It has S2, S3 ... and so on. Can i use the same S2 for the scanner or i need different S2 made for frontier 500 ?

P.S. MS01/MS11 is not an option. I dont like MS at all.


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Didn't see S2 for 340/350. I saw these S2 versions  :
S2 for Frontier 350/370 - version 3.0-0E-520
S2 for Fuji Frontier 500 - version 2.0-0E-350
S2 for Fuji Frontier 550/570 - version 3.0-0E-510

Usually SP500 was connected to Fuji 500 minilab, but other S2 versions with SP500 should work also. SP500 driver is on all CDs ( LukeUsbDrv.inf ) .

Optional FE modules are the same for all minilab models, so if need can use them. Do not think, that you really need S3. Do not think, that you use templates, when have not printer.

Also to run SP500 you can use MS software - MS01 + MS11 for SP500 + optional MS software modules. Windows version ( XP, W7 32 bit, W10 64 bit ) depends on MS software versions.

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To find S2 version open file Iversion.txt . It is EZ171\S2\Fujifilm\Frontier\MANAGE .

I think any S2 version can work with SP500. Just various S2 versions have different configurations for different minilabs. If during instillation, or after instillation change settings manually then can use software on different minilab model. You have not printer at all.

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I have 3.0-0E-510. This is strange because i was sure i have the version for 350.

I have to search for the CDs. I got the CDs from a guy with 350 and this could be coppied from a guy with 570.

And yes - no printer. Just the scanner at home. In the 90s i used to shoot a lot on film so now its time to digitize them.


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