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you have some problems with the optical fiber. When you have a fiber problem it's usually only one,cutting all the fibers can only make the problem worse and and the length decreases. 

Menu: 2260 → Extension → Maintenance → System Version Check 

The OK must not blink. 

You start by cutting the fiber of the scanner (in and out) and and see if you solved it, you continue cutting in pairs (in and out). I hope you know how to cut and clean fibers and that you have the official tools.

Best regards

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Which minilab do you have - QSS320xSD, QSS330xSD, or QSS3300 ?
PC-Scanner interface pcb is connected directly to computer. Can be some ARCNET noise ( which distract all communication ) , faulty PC-scanner interface pcb, faulty PC-laser interface pcb.

Run ARCNET test software and look what will be. Check PCI board ( ARCNET - LVDS ) driver on device manager. Try run software upgrade from HD for PC-scanner interface pcb.

If will be the same - from PC - laser interface pcb disconnect ARCNET cables ( input and output ) . Then run ARCNET test. Should be good communication with scanner and no connection with other boards ( because cables disconnected ) . 

If will not manage to restore communication with scanner then remove  PC-scanner interface pcb. Connect back ARCNET to PC - laser interface pcb and run ARCNET test. Now should be all connections except PC-scanner interface pcb and scanner.

Not necessary to have special cutter. Cheap Omron Fibre Optic Cutter ( E39-F4 ) also can do it. 

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