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Problems with Noritsu V50


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Hello, We are working with a Noritsu V50 and after some issues we've finally got it down to a few errors. Due to earlier problem of Circulation pumps not working and right cutter getting no power we tried replacing main board which gave the right cutter power again and led 20 on PCB1 on and circulation pumps working again. The problem we have now is in standard setting 3 we are trying to change waste tank type from STD to A but there is no OK! at bottom of screen after changing setting and hitting yes. I can go to other settings and make a change and it will register and say OK! on bottom. Also it wont let me register any change to solution temp but will let me change replenish rate just fine. 

Sometime it would also restart just the screen when I went to change the setting but isnt doing that now. But still will not let me change setting in Standard setting 3 or solution temp setting. 


So now we are stuck with Waste solution tank full no1 and no2 and we cant change the setting of waste tank type to A. Does anyone have any suggestion? was there possibility our replacement main board (J340033) is also bad? It was from a machine that was working fine before storage. Really appreciate any suggestions. 

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12 hours ago, PHOTOLABPART.COM said:






We were getting waste tank full sol 1 and 2. Waste tank setting is STD. in standard setting 3. I go to change it to type A correct type for RA machine and it wont register change. Also when changing solution temp it would not register any change so when going out of menu and back in you could see it wouldn't save any change you made. 


We ended up trying another main board and now everything seems to be working normally. 

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