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LS-600 scanner not working (win xp and Xnview)


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I just purchased a used LS-600 with system program ver 2.00.001. Having read an article saying Xnview and system program are enough to run the scanner on Windows, I installed the system program on Win xp(home edition). 

The program is installed fine, but Xnview freezes after I hit "scan" with "one moment please" message. I have no idea what's causing this issue.. is the system program too old?

Thank you for your help,


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To run this scanner you need LS-600 system software, Twain driver and Xnview ( or some other scanning interface ) . Probably your software versions too old for your Windows.

Scanner system software vesrsion 2.0 is old and outdated. This version and previous can work on Windows XP. Version 2.50 is for Vista, version 5.0 - Windows 7 , version 6.0 - W8, version 7.0 - Windows 10, version 7.10 - Windows 11. Newer version can use on older Windows.

Even the oldest Twain driver versions can use on Windows. version 3.0 - Vista, version 5.7 - W7 , version 6.02 - W8, version 6.6 - W10 , version 8.0 - W11. Newer EZ controller can work on older Windows.

If versions correct, but doesn't work try use some other scanning interface ( IrfanView, Darkroom, etc ) . IrfanView and Xnview better to install 32 bit versions ( even on 64 Windows ) , because they are more stable.

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