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Noritsu S1-II Film Scanner


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Noritsu S1-II Film Scanner

I seek advice on using the Noritsu Film Scanner as standalone scanner, linked to a Windows 11 Workstation. I intend to use it to archive, large number of 35mm B&W negatives & colour slides. What are the system software and scanning software required for this task. Do these scanners support RAW format. What is the best resolution possible. Is the Noritsu S1-II scanner same as Noritsu  SL-600 ? Any advice in this regard will be helpful. Thanks

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No LS-600 and S1-II are different. S1-II is almost the same as LS-1100. Just need change one board and S1-II will become LS-1100.

S1-II can't work stand alone. Doesn't exist stand alone software.

LS-1100 can work stand alone. To scan need LS-1100 system software + scanning interface. Scanning interface can be Twain driver + some picture edit software ( XnView, IrfanView, Photoshop, Lightroom and many other ) . Professional scanning interface - EZ controller. On EZ controller can be installed many optional modules ( red eye, digital masking and many other ) .

Conversion board ( p.n. J391473 ) is hard to find and expensive. On Noritsu it is out of stock. I have one board.

Can scan .jpg, .fpx, .bmp, .tiff, tiff 16 bit . Maximal resolution - 4011 × 6048 .

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