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Noritsu QSS3501F Plus Won't Come Out of Program Timer


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So we recently purchase a QSS 3501F and have been having a few issues getting it started. Unfortunately, the person we bought it from was a middle man so they have not been much of a help. The original hard drive that came with the printer ended up getting corrupted so I ended up having to connect it using QSS printer on one of our other lab computers. The first issue ended up being that I could not find it's IP address because it ended up being a weird IP. Found out that the IP was and was able to register the device however, whenever I click anywhere in the maintenance menu I get a message saying “output device is not available.” Seems that this error message is caused by bad communication between the software and printer or by the printer being in program timer mode. Since I was able to register it, I assume it is not a communication issue so my next best guess is that it is in program timer mode. I try to take it out of it manually by pressing the sorter button for more than 2 second and the sorter belt turns over but that seems to not work either. Is there something that I am missing? Are there things I should check in the processor PCB or maybe the the I/F board is fault?

Thanks in advance!

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12 hours ago, TECNOR said:

I think your problem is not I/F pcb, its possible your problem bad setting Network or any problem with your software, I can help via online.


I have a feeling the software may be the culprit. I was able to obtain older versions of QSS that may be more compatible but would greatly appreciate your help. Would you help via TeamViewer or some other kind of remote sharing service?

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Any software version works on QSS 3501F PLUS. Even Fuji software should work there ( printer will be Fuji LP-7100 ) .

Do everything what I wrote on private message. Might be with older version ( Noritsu, or Fuji ) can make maintenance. I think explained everything. If do not understand somethinbg - ask again. If necessary I can connect using Teamviewer, but if software doesn't allow to make printer main tenance then I can't do anything.

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