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Hi everyone I have a Kodak led RP50 I actually have this and another problems with it.

I need to know what's wrong, the message is not on the manual and I don't know what is wrong. 

I changed the 100 board and stays the same.

I don't know what's the machine means with "Printer MC" 


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1) Which country is your RP50 ?

2) when you change PCB100, make sure if it came from another RP-50 and not from a LED-II printer.   PCB is the same but with different EPROMs SET you can move

3) initialization error  .. root cause could be  DC power supply problem.  different DC power supply came from a big metal box at bottom of printer 

4) Assuming you have RP50 service manual [ Diagnostics Section ] you can check different LEDs on the PCB100, 200 & 300 some of them show different DC power supplies are there and NOT MISSING/FAILURE

5) below is the partial of  the [ Diagnostics Section ] I am talking about.    I have stock of PCB200, PCB300 ,,,  New and Used "Metal Box Power supply" box

David Lam, Hong Kong        email address :   davidlam@sinopromise.com 




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