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370 Recovery CD XL-10 to wipe and re install on Hard drive


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Hello, i have a frontier 370 ver 7.0. This morning my scanner woke up thinking its a 390 thus not allowing me to print so i would like to wipe out the entire hard drive in order for me to install ver 7.0. Can anyone please help me with the steps needed to archive this. thank you in advance. I have all the software needed and i know how to install them but ive never done a hard drive wipe using the recovery CD.

steps I've tried: I tried to open the CD in My computer with no luck

-I've tried going into BIOS so the CD Room can be the first one to boot but no luck.


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Fuji 350/370 and Fuji 390 has different system software, so on Fuji 370 could not see Fuji 390. Might be someone upgraded software and accidently used wrong version. Look Fuji menu. What printer and scanner selected there.

Here will be tethered printer. Software - A1 installed on scanner computer.

Recovery CD will delete everything - Fuji software, Windows, settings. Before recovery make sure, that have Fuji software backup.

To boot from CD can use boot change tool floppy. Also to boot from CD can select on BIOS.

Might be your CD is bad, or not bootable. Also can be your CD drive is not working and you can't boot from it.

Recovery CD will install Windows NT4 and nothing else. All settings, upgrades you need to do manually. When settings finished need install software ( A1 for Fuji 350/370 ) . During instillation need load backup.

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