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1047-0001 means the interlock switch (printer door 1 or 2) turns OFF. Check voltages on PRINTER I/O PCB 1 connector J/P240 ( ground - pin 1 and ground - pin 4 ) Should be 24 V.
If have not 24V on J/P240 pin 1 then can be burned fuse F38 ( on PRINTER I/O PCB 1 ) , not working LASER POWER SUPPLY 1 ( PS17 ) , or bad connections. Check voltages on LASER POWER SUPPLY 1 ( connector J/P1614 - any pin ) , PRINTER I/O PCB 1 connector J/P247 ( pin 1 ) , fuse F38 ( both sides ) and PRINTER I/O PCB 1 connector J/P240 pin 1. 
If on J/P240 pin 1 have 24 V, but have not on J/P240 pin 4 then doesn't work door interlock sensors LS6, LS7, or bad connections.

1400 means lock film carrier. Lock sensor is not activated. Might be film carrier is not locked, or lock sensor ( SE51 ) is not working. Check voltages on AFC/SCANNER DRIVER PCB connector J/P38 :
pin 6 +5V ( power supply ) 
pin 7 : 0V ( ground )
pin 8 sensor output . Level depends is carrier locked, or not. Can be 0 V or 5V. Should see level changes when lock - unlock film carrier.
Can be that lock handle doesn't work properely, not working 
lock sensor ( SE51 ) , or bad connections.

6903-0001 means serial communication error between the ATX mother board and the colorimeter control PCB. 
Colorimeter control PCB get power from LASER POWER SUPPLY 1. 

Check 24V power supply on colorimeter control PCB ( J/P180 pin 1 ) . If have not - check on LASER POWER SUPPLY 1 ( connector J/P1614 - any pin ) .

I think on minilab will be not working LASER POWER SUPPLY 1 ( because it can cause errors 1047-0001 and 6903-0001 ) .
On scanner can be that film carrier lock handle doesn't work properely ( doesn't activate sensor SE51 ) , not working lock sensor ( SE51 ) , or bad connections.

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